Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween has hit the Homestead!

My FAVORITE time of year has arrived! & boy my house shows it! I still have more to put out but I like to pace myself....as I find Halloween a joyous time!

I know most people say that about Christmas & don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas too BUT Halloween was a time of celebration for my family.....it was my Grandma's birthday!! She has left us all behind & moved on to better places but the memories of celebrating her birthday & crisp air & sweet candy all while wearing costumes...well those memories just make me really happy! So every year I revel in putting out my Halloween goodies & give a little wink to my Grandma!

Here are some of my most precious Halloween Items on the mantle. The witch reminds me of my grandma & the tall cat to the right was made by my mother as well as the pumpkin in the middle! Love what she makes!

you can check out her blog here


I just love having my spooky little pumpkins lighting up the night! & in true Halloween fashion, they get dressed up too!

This is a favorite in our house. It is an awesome sign that my mother created & let me just say, my 2 boys try to one up each other on dibs for this one when they grow up & move out!

Here is our spooky skeleton chalkboard (yes, my Mom was at it again) & he is larger than life on our front porch but I love how he looks "sitting" out there!

& here lies Marcus the carcass......every year I put him out & he just makes me smile. On Halloween night all the little trick or treater's marvel over him! of course I also put out the grim Reaper & they are kind of scared of him (he will be in an upcoming post...remember I like to pace myself) Oh & don't you just love my little grave yard...

& this little gem is a project I did a few years ago & I LOVE putting it out every Halloween......I made this flag out of gauze & tulle. I DO NOT SEW so I made this with that iron on hem stuff that you can find just about everywhere. This project couldn't be more simple & have such a wonderful effect! All It takes is an iron & some scissor skills!

Here is a night time shot.......I just love him! he just looks like he is saying BOO!

I still have some Halloween decorating to do & some new things to try & put out this year!!

So stay tuned! Oh & Happy Haunting!

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