Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspired by Nature

I have been spending a lot of time outside working in my garden this past week.  I have set my mind to making my outdoor space inviting, comfy & pretty to look at.
Suffice to say it is hard manual labor but the end result is always amazing. . . . 
{kind of like birthing kids, dontcha` think?}
All that hard labor doesn't leave a whole lot of time to tend to the blog & fun craft things. . 
sooooooo being inspired from my work outdoors, I have decided to share some pictures I have take over the past couple of years of the natural beauty around me everyday!
take a look & enjoy. . . . 

fragrant beautiful rose in my back garden

Mr. Froggy-who was apparently lucky with that tiny clover stuck to his head!

pretty blue dragonfly sunning himself

Dragonfly - yes I was stalking the dragonflies on this day

Gorgeous butterfly -Waco Tx.

Rose in my garden

My own personal Charlotte's Web

Little Lady Bug-she looked a little beat up from her travels

My own "angry Bird" doesn't this Cardinal look like a meanie?

And this creature let me take about 50 pictures of it....I was very captivated by its huge butt & the sheer hairiness of it

Sunset on Redbud Dr

The Waco Lizard that looked as if he couldn't be bothered

Mr. Snake crossing the path-I was astonished I got the shot with him flicking his tongue!

The Little Crescent summer nights
I hope some of my nature shots inspire you to take in what nature has to offer & be in awe of its beauty.

~Happy Creating!

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