Sunday, September 11, 2011

remembering 9/11

Today my family created an everlasting memory. Today we were a part of history & it was such an honor to be a part of it!

Today, on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States, the citizens of Joplin were invited to stitch the final patches onto the flag that was pulled from the wreckage and hung on the mangled metal in the days that followed 9-11-2001

This flag has spent the last year travelling all 50 states to be mended by Americans & to serve as a reminder of how strong & resilient we as Americans are.

This flag symbolizes how we came together as a nation on 9-12-2001 & how we continue to come together in times of need for our fellow Americans.

It is fitting that Joplin, Mo was the last community to repair this flag, as we are a community that is rising up from the tragedy that struck us on 5-22-2011 when a deadly EF5 tornado ripped our town to pieces.

We are a community that has come together to help our neighbor just like we are a nation that came together to help fellow Americans.

Please read more about the flag here:

The flag being ushered in by our very brave servicemen

The mended flag that is being hailed as the current day Star Spangled Banner

Do you see that little white square on the bottom of the blue?

In that little white square are threads of blue that came from the flag that President Lincoln was laid out on following his assassination (Gives me goose bumps)

Here is the Mr. doing his part to mend the flag that means so much to this country

There is my youngest boy sewing for the 1st time EVER & I am so proud of him for stitching the flag today
he went to bed tonight with his little memorial flag over his heart & even asked to be sure he laid it over his heart in just the right place.

My Oldest son, it makes my heart happy to see him be a part of something with such meaning

& there I am.....I cried most of the memorial service so it is probably a good thing you cant see my face !

the flag will be placed in the 9/11 memorial museum so that all who see it will be reminded of how we as Americans come together in times of crisis & need.

always in our memories & Forever in our hearts