Friday, August 10, 2012

Sugar Skull

We I have a little bit of a fascination with sugar skulls. . . while I don't have them displayed all over my home or as beautiful artwork on my body. . . I love them none-the-less
so at about this time last year I decided I would "doodle" one myself~

 As I sat listening to the TV & the kids I just doodled away enjoying myself. . . . and while it led me to my happy place. . . . it evolved & grew
 and before I knew it I had scrolls over here. . . 
 and paisleys & crosses & flowers over there. . . . 
when I was done with my little paper mache masterpiece I sat back & smiled. . . he was pretty dang cute!
In the end I decided to post him on my ETSY site
I was a little hesitant. . . I mean, it was something I doodled.  Who would want something I doodled. my excitement today. . . someone did buy it!  I was so giddy!
It was my 1st sale on ETSY after being a member for 2 years.
Having that sale today made me realize that sometimes it just takes a little bit of patience & a whole lot of belief in yourself.
So if you are unsure of your projects or unsure of your ability to sell what you love. . . remember this~

~Happy Creating

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

a Momentous Occasion

A very GRAND Occasion!!!
{at least for me anyway}
I looked at my blog & I had 5000 views as of today!!!!!!

THANK you to everyone who takes time to visit my blog
whether you are a regular or just passing by. . .
it makes me feel like a movie star!!!

~Happy Creating!

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