Friday, September 21, 2012

Being a Mom 16 years later

My 1st Born baby boy is turning 16 today!
The past 16 years raising him has been quite a journey
He has made me laugh, he has made me cry...he brings me joy & makes my heart FULL!

watching him grow into a young man has been such an experience.
I think he is one of the coolest kid I know
 I think he is one of the cutest kid I know
 I Know every time he has called me Mommy has made my heart sing
{even when he was yelling at me out of frustration} 

I think he can be one of the goofiest kids I know!!! 
{look at that cheezey smile}

He is one of the most stylin' kids I know!!
{for sure that boy has a watch fetish!}

But being HIS Mommy has made me feel like a cool & Hip Mom!
Even through his struggles of life & the painful moments when I had to watch him stumble so he could figure life out. . . . .well it was all worth it to see THIS Smart, Handsome, Awesome, Stylin' guy!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to my Man Baby!!
Thank you for bringing me joy & making me feel like the luckiest Mom in the world!

I LOVE you!!!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

A GREAT Discovery

While on vacation my family & I always like to find local spots to check out.
we NEVER like to go restaurants that we can go to close to home
well except for Cracker Barrel.....that's the stop of choice while on the road
and trust me when I say that has become the joke of our family!

Because my Hubs has a love for all you can eat anything. . . .
and in case you are wondering he is a skinny bean pole!
we set out on a quest to find a spot to make him happy since the place we discovered just a year earlier was CLOSED!
so after some Internet searches we thought this place was worth a try
{you can check them out here }
When we pulled into the drive it didn't look like a very big place but it looked super clean from the outside
that's always a good sign
When we stepped inside. . . . I was really pleased.  The decor was done up in a cute beachy local art
again.....a good sign
Even though I pretty much knew I was getting the all you can eat shrimp before I walked in the door
I had to look over the whole menu because it all looked so good!
I am a shrimp eating fool so yes the shrimp won again!
 and let me just tell you that they were THE BEST fried shrimp I have ever had!
Like EVER!
they were lightly breaded in a way that allowed the shrimp to be crunchy without the breading being the only taste or texture in your mouth.
Crunchy & meaty. . . 
They really nailed it! 
I also LOVED the slaw!
the taste was great but what really sent it to the moon was the little tiny baby shrimp they put in it
{yes I know they are called salad shrimp but that doesn't sound near as cute}
you see that little guy in there. . . . really good stuff
they also had great iced tea!  just the right brew. . . 
I really hate when I order an iced tea & it's nothing but glorified water.
 I regret not asking if I could have one of their cups!!! 
yes . . . that is how much I like this place. . .I wanted a cup OK?!?!?
 Oh Look . . . there is my brother 
Isn't he the sweetest??? 
Maybe that was his way of saying great place 

 We ate well & had lots of laughs in a new favorite place
 too bad I will have to drive 15 hours next time the craving hits!!
To get straight to the point. . . .
 next time you are in Navarre Florid  and you want great food
with friendly service at an awesome price
check out the Shrimp Basket
we liked it so much....we went again a few days later & had the steamed shrimp...mmmmm good!

~Happy Creating
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rest & Relaxation

Well I am FINALLY posting to my beloved blog after 
an awesome vacation of rest & relaxation!
{Trust me when I say it was LONG over due}
since then we opened our new martial arts location, got kids back to school & 
caught a nasty sinus infection...
It feels good to be back in my normal swing of things!!!
BUT I miss this view.....
 and awesome sunsets
 How storms roll in over the ocean
 or the peaceful evening sky
 I miss all the Crabbies {and all the other wildlife} that come to visit daily
 Most of all I miss the sea 

I miss this place.....Navarre Beach
{yes I could totally live here}
where we have created so many great memories!

 Memories that will last a lifetime
Memories that keep family close!

I love my Family!!! 
{and beach vacations}

~Happy Creating
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