Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rest & Relaxation

Well I am FINALLY posting to my beloved blog after 
an awesome vacation of rest & relaxation!
{Trust me when I say it was LONG over due}
since then we opened our new martial arts location, got kids back to school & 
caught a nasty sinus infection...
It feels good to be back in my normal swing of things!!!
BUT I miss this view.....
 and awesome sunsets
 How storms roll in over the ocean
 or the peaceful evening sky
 I miss all the Crabbies {and all the other wildlife} that come to visit daily
 Most of all I miss the sea 

I miss this place.....Navarre Beach
{yes I could totally live here}
where we have created so many great memories!

 Memories that will last a lifetime
Memories that keep family close!

I love my Family!!! 
{and beach vacations}

~Happy Creating
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