Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Givin' it away

A little while back I had a giveaway on my Creative Mrs. Smith Facebook Page 
One of my lucky fans was entitled to a banner of their choice.

 My fan wanted a birthday banner because her husband is having a milestone birthday
{we wont discuss any numbers here}

 so to honor her hubsters birthday we did a banner in red, silver & black
 I tried to keep it as manly as I could considering paper banners are Not 
the most masculine item in the world
and she might want to use this again in the future. . . .maybe for a self thrown party???
{ya I said it because those are the parties I get for me mmmmkay}
 anyway. . . . back on track here. . . . I fashioned this banner smaller than some you have seen in the past because I have learned that unless you are spelling a short name. . . smaller works better for these items
{my cousin should know what I mean *wink wink*}
 The letters I used were fun because they had different patterns to them which added to the 
overall look & feel of the banner itself. . . . and glitter paper...who doesn't like that right?
{well maybe the man whose birthday this is for but surely he sees the glitz, glam & beauty in it . . . right?}
 This banner was fun to make because I liked the colors & loved the idea that someone outside of my family was going to get to use one of my banners

So to one of my very great fans, follower & supporter of well, ME, Creative Mrs. Smith~
Thank you for tuning in & for giving me a reason to create! 
I hope you enjoy your banner & I really hope your Hubster has a fantastic birthday.... 
and please send pics!!! 

~Happy Creating

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Girl Shadow Box

I have to say...one of my favorite things to make right now is a shadow box.  You get the feeling of scrap-booking BUT you can add so much more dimension and I find that so much fun because the possibilities are endless

I added a little something special to this box .....can you see it?
I wanted to add a little ah ha moment when the parents {and admirers} discover this hidden in plain sight message there.
It was one of those ideas that I hadn't tried before & hoped for the best.
I was a little tiny bit skeptical that this would work out but sometimes you need to take a chance on ruining something in order to come up with a gem. . . something to be proud of.
I really liked the outcome of the rub on because it looks like it is etched on there but it was so easy !
so worth the chance!
I wonder if my Brother & sister in law have seen this there yet. . . . hmmmmm I guess they will check now ha-ha!
now you see it. . . now you don't. . . . I love a little mystery. . . . 
Don't you??

~Happy Creating

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A very Girly Parisian Baby Shower

See this C-U-T-E belly?? my little niece is in there!
I couldn't be more tickled PINK 
{he-he pun intended}
Because I was so in love with this baby girl the minute I knew she was going to be a part of our family
I decided we were going to have a frou-frou girly looking baby shower!
What better way to go girly in a classy way than to go to Paris!
well not REALLY go to Paris. . . . that would have been the most expensive baby shower EVER!
and how the heck would we have kept that secret from the Mom & Dad to be!
YES we managed to keep it a secret {although I am sure my brother had his suspicions}
their friends even helped keep the secret & make it even more believable
I was so excited that my cousin had a HUGE wire Eiffel Tower. . it really set the tone & let everyone know it was a Parisian baby shower despite the fact my poor brother thought this party was his birthday BBQ!

Yes I am an ornery sister who went against my brothers strict instruction of NO PINK
How are you going to tell this chick that we cant do PINK for the 1st baby girl in this family since my baby sister was born. . . . 
UHHHH I don't think so Bro!
So I went BIG with the pink factor
and yes I think he LIKED it!
 I mean how could you not like the pink when its was paired with black & a fancy pants damask organza overlay on the table!
and yes I DID take it to the next step with the pink feather boa's
{you know I had to do it|~tell me you wouldn't??}
you can't see it in the picture but I also had pink gems on the tables too!

YUP. . . . I even made the cake pops pink just to be sure my brother realizes he better get used to girly!
but I did make sure {since it WAS his birthday after all} that he had Oreo truffles because those are his FAV

We also made sure he had plenty of hot wings!
something had to make up for all the pink in his life on his birthday
I just thought the girly clothes hanging up were so cute. . . and the pink lanterns gave it a touch of whimsy!

It was time to open gifts and we did have to warn all the men in the room that they were about to hear 500 ooooh's & ahhhh's
{worse than watching fireworks-had to put it in terms they could understand ya know}
Here is a closeup of the 2 handmade gifts I made for my brother & sister-in-law to have
*I just want to say here that I AM the sentimental sap in the family. . . it is always important to me to be sure I give a gift that someone appreciates for the sentiment attached to it. . . . I think I achieved that here*
 here is the magnetic frame I made so they can put one of her 1st pics in it~
I will post more about these 2 handmade items in a later post

 Here is one of the most awesome gifts EVER!
Their very good friend s Genevieve & Josh got baby girl
her 1st Wonder Woman book..... L-O-V-E as I am a huge fan of wonder woman!

UH OH Baby Mac is going in for the kill on the gifts
HEY he knows a good thing when he see's it!

 ummmmm Daddy to be is looking a lil' overwhelmed with the pink!!!
but Mama is looking pleased!
 Here they are Mom & Dad together having a great time with family & good friends
awaiting the day they get to meet their 1st baby face to face!
We are so very happy for them 
and I patiently await fall when I finally get to spoil a baby girl! 

~Happy Creating
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

OOOOOOO Say can you see........
How beautiful the night sky is when it is lit up with thousands of little lights 
not only are the lights beautiful but it is so fun to watch grown men play in the streets like little children
(and hear mothers talking in "that tone" reminding those grown men to be careful)
 I love to watch fireworks light up the night sky & hear the big bangs echo through the neighborhood along with all the ooooooohs & aaaaaaahs
I love that I am an American who is free to express my creativity with whoever wants to listen to me!
I love that we as a nation can celebrate our independence
something that we most certainly take for granted
I love the beauty of the night sky & the meaning behind this holiday
Take time to reflect on how lucky we are to be FREE Americans this Independence Day
Take time to enjoy the beautiful night sky lit up with all those tiny light!!
Have a safe & happy 4th!

~Happy Creating

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