Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Givin' it away

A little while back I had a giveaway on my Creative Mrs. Smith Facebook Page 
One of my lucky fans was entitled to a banner of their choice.

 My fan wanted a birthday banner because her husband is having a milestone birthday
{we wont discuss any numbers here}

 so to honor her hubsters birthday we did a banner in red, silver & black
 I tried to keep it as manly as I could considering paper banners are Not 
the most masculine item in the world
and she might want to use this again in the future. . . .maybe for a self thrown party???
{ya I said it because those are the parties I get for me mmmmkay}
 anyway. . . . back on track here. . . . I fashioned this banner smaller than some you have seen in the past because I have learned that unless you are spelling a short name. . . smaller works better for these items
{my cousin should know what I mean *wink wink*}
 The letters I used were fun because they had different patterns to them which added to the 
overall look & feel of the banner itself. . . . and glitter paper...who doesn't like that right?
{well maybe the man whose birthday this is for but surely he sees the glitz, glam & beauty in it . . . right?}
 This banner was fun to make because I liked the colors & loved the idea that someone outside of my family was going to get to use one of my banners

So to one of my very great fans, follower & supporter of well, ME, Creative Mrs. Smith~
Thank you for tuning in & for giving me a reason to create! 
I hope you enjoy your banner & I really hope your Hubster has a fantastic birthday.... 
and please send pics!!! 

~Happy Creating

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