Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yummy Lemon Cake

Back in July my cousin asked if I would bake a cake for our friends baby shower.....I love to bake so of course I said YES!

I unwittingly set myself into a journey of the lemon cake!

When someone asks you to bake a NEVER make one from a box & since I had never made a from scratch lemon cake, I scoured recipe after recipe until I found one that looked like it would be the best. Not only did I find a yummy cake recipe but I thought I would make lemon curd from scratch too! I thought this would be really hard but it was just the opposite & I know I will be making the curd & the cake again!!

Now, I had every intention of baking this cake a week or 2 in advance to try it out BUT as life does, time got away from me!

So I put all my faith in the recipe I found & hoped for a masterpiece!

This is what I got........

not too shabby if you ask me!

I just need to remember to take a pic of the inside of the cake next time!

Learn as I go...Learn as I go

Did I mention the frosting?? No??

well the frosting was to die was a cream cheese frosting with lemon juice & zest!

It was amazing!!

This was what the rest of the goodies looked like but I can't take credit for that, my cousin worked really hard on the rest of the shower....I only did the cake!

I got a lot of compliments on this cake & someone even asked if I baked cakes for a living....of course I said no & my cousin quickly piped up & said I should! One cake at a time is great for me more than that & I would be in high stress mode! *wink

It was a beautiful shower with beautiful gifts for a beautiful baby on the way!

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