Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Love

I am anxiously awaiting my nephew to arrive!!

He is in there ready to meet the world VERY soon!

This is my sister (I know ...... isn't she beautiful)

We had a very fun time tonight taking pictures of her belly~at one point I thought she was going to laugh that baby right out of her tummy!

Hey an Auntie can hope!

I finished a baby mobile that my sister wanted to hang over the crib. She wanted it made out of some of the decorations from the baby shower BUT after it was all said & done it was too long so we decided it should hang in the corner & I am going to make a new one to hang over the crib!

When I get the new mobile done I will post some pictures but for now I will show you the one I made for the corner.

This was how it started

but then......

Little by Little.......

we ended up with this!!

(Isn't my pool in the back ground attractive...that thing needs some help) but the mobile on the other hand came out really cute...just super LONG!

I could shorten it up but I think the length makes it fun AND I really want to make a fabric poof mobile so this gives me an excuse.

So as we hold our breath & wait for baby Bradley......I will keep creating!

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