Saturday, September 17, 2011

He has arrived!

He is FINALLY here .... my Nephew Bradley! I now lovingly call him "Squishy" thanks to my cousin Christy who stated, "he is just so squishy" when he was 1st born & he most certainly is because all I wanna do when I see him is squish him all over just out of pure love for him!

What a happy day that Bradley was born!

I have not created much since Tuesday because I am just sooo excited to see him & hold him everyday! But I have taken probably 200 pictures of him since his arrival so that's why I am going to share some of my fav's today just because I am so in love with him & want to share him with everyone!

Look at that smile....isn't he just a doll baby!!

I am so excited for My sister & brother-in-law to have such a beautiful boy!

Isn't it so sweet how my youngest son loves his baby cousin so much already....I cant wait to see all the things he will teach him!

This is THE FIRST time my oldest son has ever held a baby besides his brother!!

Here my boys are in 2002.....amazing how fast time goes by!

We are a family of Boys & "BOY" do I love it!!

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