Friday, September 2, 2011

The BaBy Q

My baby sister & her husband are ready to have their 1st BABY!! I am so excited to have a nephew on the way! Last week I threw them a BaBy Q!! This took a few months of planning & scouring the net for some ideas I could borrow & change up!

Right off the bat I knew I would have to make my own invitations...nothing store bought would do in this instance so I made my very own with a moving mini pinwheel & all! I didn't manage to get a picture of it on my camera BUT I did take a picture of the shadow box I gave my sister to commemorate the baby shower itself & one of the invites is in there!

Aside from planning my wedding, this was the next biggest party I have planned! (I know right!)

I wanted every detail to be as close to perfect as possible & I wanted my sister to have a baby shower that would be very memorable for them. Here are some things I created just for her & her Hubs (& baby Bradley of course)

Here is the Birthday wishes box I created for him. If you have never seen this is very cool! Every guest writes a wish on a numbered piece of "pretty" paper & it gets wrapped & taped around a birthday candle. Every year on his birthday he will read that years birthday wish! Just ingenious! I 1st discovered this on A Turtles Life For me blog have never seen or heard of it before so I just had to do it! In that Blog she used a candle wallet......very CUTE!

I used a store bought heavy duty card board box & used Mod Podge to seal the paper on after I stamped all over the top :)I wanted to be sure the box would last for many years & in my opinion Mod Podge is good for that~I also made sure the inside of the box was done too

Wish one Complete!!

Next I had a fantastic idea of having all the guests write some parental advise to the parents on an apron (in the shower colors of course)

I found that a silver sharpie worked best for the apron project. I also had a bib for guests to write on but that was just REALLY hard to write on! lesson learned on that one!

I made thank you gifts for the guests.......& of course I wanted it to be something special (go big or go home right?) I made a spice rub & named it Temper Tantrum rub. I saw on most blog posts that people did BBQ sauce but this was not cost effective for me so a rub it was! Then they got stuffed into Tiffanyesque (yes I just made that word up) & wrapped them with a red ribbon

everyone loved the mini boxes & The rub was good too

(we used that same rub on the chicken & brisket served that day)

Here are some pictures of the decorations as well as the scrumptious goodies I made for my sister who doesn't like cake (I know its a complete sin)~what I came up with were Oreo cookie truffle pops & a peanut butter Rice Krispie cake!! My mom also made little tarts & they were a big HIT the crust was light & flakey & VERY buttery! A nice spread for a girl who doesn't like cake!

OH & the cake plate!!! I made that too!!!! I will go more in detail on that in a later post

I deemed these chairs the Thrones...this is where Mom & Dad got to open all the gifts!

Isn't that the CUTEST onesie EVER!

Full on dessert HEAVEN!! I also made all those pinwheels & let me just say, it was a lot of fun, I haven't made paper pinwheels since I was a little girl!!

I had a really good time with the aqua & red color scheme too! Very fun colors!

Can you believe we had about 30 people in there at one point!! amazing!

Here was the food table

(& somehow I never managed to get a picture of all the wonderful BBQ items the Mr. made)

I made those pom poms ~not from a kit either! :) took a couple of tries to get it right but in the end I was very pleased with them!

activity table

This is the banner I made for Mr. Bradley's room. The only thing pre-made on this were the shiny chipboard letters. I had SO much fun making this that I see a lot of banners for all in the future (Like try one banner for every holiday) yes indeed, complete fun!

I was so excited about this banner, that I couldn't wait for my sister to see it, it was like Christmas for me watching her get a look at it for the 1st time.

This shower was a lot of fun to put together & I really have to hand it to the Mr. because he put up with me going a little crazy over it & he helped me tremendously that day so that I could enjoy myself (thank you Mr.~xoxo)

Here was his Domain for the day :)
Ahhhh The King of his Grill

The new parents to be!!

A good time was had by all!

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