Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall......

A few weeks ago my youngest son & I were running some errands. It was fairly early in the morning & he was begging to go get something to eat. So I headed down a side street that I normally don't travel so my hungry boy could get some grub.

There it was...this little yard sale...nothing too much to write home about except that they had a trunk that caught my eye so I just had to stop...I had been eyeballing them everywhere lately because I am bound & determined to get one for my living room.

As I am debating about whether I can spruce up the old trunk I wander around & then I see it...This large fabulous mirror. I have a spot in my front entry that has just been calling out for a mirror but mirrors are pricey (at least the ones I am always drawn to) so I always talk myself out of getting one. I examine this mirror hoping beyond all hope it is not damaged or just way too heavy to hang.......nope it is just perfect. The detail on it was great & it was just the right size...I purchase the trunk & the mirror & my still hungry little guy lucked out with a Santa that he wanted so life was good!

The best part is that the older couple who sold the items to me gave me a little history lesson on what the trunk & mirror had survived..........

I live in Joplin & unless you just refuse to watch the news...you should know what this city has been through the last several months.

Well this trunk & this mirror had survived one of the most deadly tornado's to touch the earth.

I was amazed that these worn out items looked so good after hearing what they had been through!

Upon further inspection on the mirror I could see how the debris & papers were stuck on the back crevasses of the wood. It was amazing to me how in the midst of so much devastation...a mirror could come out of it with nothing more than debris stuck to it.

I was never more proud of a yard sale purchase...it was a strange feeling.

It was as if the universe had sent me down this street just so I could discover some hidden gems!

Here is what it looked like after I got it home & prepped it for paint:

Here is what it looks like now...

Hanging gloriously in my entry with all my Halloween goodies!
Don't you just love my witches hat?
The mirror was in such good shape that all I had to do to it was give it a good sanding. Then I hand painted it black. I also documented on the back of the mirror that it had survived the May 22nd tornado in Joplin MO & what street it was on when the tornado came through.

This was one of those easy projects with so much bang for your buck at the end.

The best part was I only paid $15.00 for the mirror & I feel like I have a piece of Joplin history hanging in my home.

Watch for the trunk re-do coming soon!

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