Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Texas Blue Bonnets & the baby

I have to say I have missed my BLOG!!! As we all know, sometimes life just gets too busy, too crazy & then throw in a sinus infection from the depths of hell & WELL.......you get a lady that was just too exhausted to do anything.
So with no projects complete & no cooking done in probably 2 weeks.....I am going to share a few pictures I took while down in Texas.
Just around the corner from my little brothers house were these amazingly beautiful Blue Bonnets!

How could I resist giving these babies their own photo shoot?? 
While giving myself some added practice to settings on my camera.

My brother & sister in law told me that these only bloom at a certain time of year & that I was there at the right time.  They also told me that it is a tradition for parents to take pictures of their children in the blue bonnets.....I asked my 2 boys if they wanted their picture taken in the posies & you can guess what their response was .......

BUT on Easter Sunday my brother & sister in law announced that they were having a baby!!
So guess which baby is going to get their picture taken in the blue bonnets.. . . . yep I am going to have to make a special trip down just to do that for them!

These Blue Bonnets were everywhere & on the drive home it did seem like they ended right at the Texas border!  No lie!!!  If you have never been to Texas you should plan a trip in early spring & see the beauty of this flowery gift to the world!

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  1. Thanks Holly....Oh & will you send m eyour email address so I have your correct one??

  2. Found you on blog stalker. I think your shots are gorgeous. Nothing better than some wild flowers

    1. Thanks again Roxanne!!! They were a thing of beauty & they were everywhere!!! & in the most unlikely places :)

  3. Beautiful photos of the fields of blue bonnets. I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by, Mary Alice

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mary Alice! I will be sure to stop by & say Hi!