Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Independence Day Rag Banner

I was commissioned to make a rag banner for an up & coming photographer with
Christy envisioned a vintage looking scene for an Independence Day mini shoot!
I was all about it because it sounded so fun & I have been wanting to make one of these rag banners for a while now! so it was a win win for me!
Not only was this the perfect opportunity to try something new BUT 
I had all the right scrap fabric for the job
well all except for the red. . . . . that had to be purchased
but none-the-less I was able to use up a shirt my son has long since outgrown & some fairly new jeans that my son thought would be fun to cut holes in~ahhh the fads of youth~been there done that myself. .  .
c'mon, you all remember the 80's. . bleached jeans & holes galore & lets not discuss the big hair
. . . . .Oh back on track here. . . so I was able to put those items to good use in this project.
I was itching to wrap this in clear string lights but 
that would be pointless for the outdoor photo-shoot it was destined for.
I guess I will save that for the next rag banner 

here is the rag banner working the camera. . . . almost as hard as the kiddos were!
Christina Dru Photography captured that vintage feel & as I look at these photos. . . .
I deem them Tommy Hilfiger Ad  worthy!
What do you all think??

Head on over to Christina Dru Photography and see what she is all about  & give her some page love

~Happy Creating

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