Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why, hello Mr. Man in the Moon!

For those of you that may have missed it because of cloud cover or just because you weren't in the loop, My son & I took some great pictures of the "Supermoon" event from this past Saturday
Isn't it so big & beautiful?

 My son & I are fascinated with celestial events like this
{I really need to get that kid a high power telescope}
As you can see, he was all about it!! i-pad out & all!
 we were out there for quite a bit just watching the moon do his thing!
the darker it got right at dusk the more orange the moon got!
 I am SO PROUD of this picture!
I have waited for so long & have taken I don't know how many pictures trying to get a shot of 
the moon like this.
Maybe it was because it appeared so close to the earth that helped me out. . . whatever it was, 
I am so grateful! because I LOVE this picture!
You can see the face.....Hi Mr. Man in the Moon!!!!
 this one is slightly more clear & a little more orange
 The higher in the sky it got the less orange it got. . . but man, it was SUPER bright~
{hence the "supermoon"}
 It was so bright it lit up the tree in my front yard & made this fantastic shot
It really was a super moon & I am glad I got to see it & take great pictures but most of all I am glad I got to share the moment with my son who now says he WILL go to the moon one day!
Dream to the moon little man! Dream to the "Supermoon"

~Happy Creating

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  1. Yor shots of the moon turned out soooo good!!!

    1. Thank you so much Roxanne!!! I am very proud of them!

  2. What great shots of the supermoon. I took some as well, which you can see here ( It's funny but it seems like most people had cloud cover so I haven't seen too many other shots of the moon. Yours seemed really orange - more than ours did. Your moon shot is so clear. Did you use a tripod? I'm so glad you had fun with your son watching the moon. My husband and two of our kids went over to the local park to watch the moon rise - what fun.

    1. Hi Grace! I will be sure to stop by your blog right now! I did NOT use a tripod for my shots....surprisingly enough! Lots of practice & holding my breath :D
      It was great fun....I cant wait for summer evenings sitting outside stargazing!
      Thanks for stopping by