Friday, May 25, 2012

A Wednesday night Bathroom Re-do

Wednesday I had an ambitious idea to come home after work & paint the upstairs bathroom.
Seems like a crazy idea after a long day at work but painting is like therapy for me.  Hard work yes, but hours of me & my own thoughts is priceless 
{because you know everyone leaves you alone when you are doing hard work}
And look at the end result here. . . just beautiful & crisp & clean!
Can't go wrong with that
A stylish Boys bathroom update
I came up with this pretty grayish blue color the way I normally do. . . 
with leftover paint 

Here is the mix of the 2 very pale blue's I confiscated from my Mom

It was pretty but not quite the blue I wanted. . . . so I took this Royal blue left over from my son's room re-do a few weeks ago and. . . . .

started mixing
look how pretty the blue swirls are
but the results were so satisfying. . . .
just see for yourself
It is amazing to me how much cleaner the toilet looks~hahaha
I am so excited that this bathroom has some life in it now
{ooops Someone needs to buy some light bulbs. . . again}



I really always have loved to paint a room.  I think it comes form my Mom who never sits still 
{I swear she will paint the same room twice every year}
and from my memories hanging at my Dad's house in Venice Beach every summer. . . I think that was the 1st time I got to help paint a room & it was a fun experience with my step-mom
so between the 2 Mom's. . . I earned a love of painting a room.
So thank you both because ..I am a self-proclaimed room painting rock star!

Now I just need to figure out what decorations to put in their for those boys of mine!
{I see another bathroom post coming in the near future}

**my tip of the day** 
never throw out any left over paint no matter how small amount it is!
you never know when you might need it to touch up a ding spot 
{or use on a craft project to with your newly painted space}
I scraped this little bit into a leftover baby food jar with a spatula. .& honestly to look in the can you wouldn't think there was enough to save but there was a good amount for touch ups.
so never underestimate

So here is to a weeknight room re-do

~Happy Creating

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  1. it looks softer in the photo here. I thought it was more of a tropical blue with the sunlight coming through. Was I seeing the same color?

    1. I think you are in beach mode....or it could be how the light hits it at different times in the day.. you were checking it out when the sun was at its peak! I took the pics at night..... either way.. I love it!

  2. Love the color. The bathroom looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks Marty! now I just need to accessorize!!!! lol

  3. Next time you are in the need of "therapy" come on over...I have 3 rooms ready :)

    1. Well we will have to see about that the next time I am up your way...although I would imagine the next time i get that way we will all be too busy having a good time LOL