Friday, May 11, 2012

Wishes & dreams & beautiful things

Wishes & dreams & beautiful things.....

dandelions from my own front yard make the best wishes.....
photo taken by Stacy Smith
Today is my birthday & I always seem to reflect on the past year & start to give myself direction for the next..
I feel very lucky that I have a family that loves me & friends who want to be a part of my life!
I hope this continues into the next year & that I can bring as much love to them as they bring to me everyday!
Today one of my closest friends gave me a little something for my birthday!
but to me it was a big something.....because she took the time to make me something with her own 2 hands!
It will be something I keep the rest of my life not only because it is the cutest thing ever but because she is very dear to my heart!
a cake theme birthday sounds like a win-win to me!
{she also gave me a big bottle of booze~but that will be gone pretty quick }
See my BIG bottle of Booze next to my little tiny slice of forever birthday cake!
{and its calorie free!that a definite win in my book}
Isn't it so adorable!?!
Crochet birthday cake by Tami Richards
She made that & I think that is simply amazing!
So after I drooled over my cute little cake & my big bottle of cake vodka {which I really look forward to trying} I decided that I was going to get some real life cupcakes to celebrate with since I will be out camping with my little guy tonight for his scout trip! but really who needs an excuse to go get themselves cupcakes right!! 

Do you see the cake theme screaming out to you in this picture?

 There is a new cupcakery here in town.  Smallcakes~They have several stores across the state & one in Georgia, at least that's what the girl who worked there told me after I asked what the dealio was.  I mean if you are going to post on your door as seen on Food Network 
then you better be ready for the questions right?? 
I'm no slouch~ I am addicted to watching cupcake wars... I know whats up & I know I never saw cupcakes from Joplin on there so the question had to be asked :)
I usually get these sort of things from someone local because that's how I roll but the lady I wanted to get my cuppycakes from lost her store in the tornado & wont re-open until June I took a cupcake adventure & when you see Food Network on the door you know you have to at least try it once right?

cookies & cream~vanilla cake w/chocolate icing~chocolate cake  w/pink butter cream & lemonade cake w/ blueberry lemon icing mmmmm mmm

It is like torture knowing they are staring at me right now form my dining room table but I want to share them with my family so I will TRY not to dip my finger in the icing but MAN that takes a lot of self control!
So here is to spoiling myself just a little on my birthday & to loving family & friend & of course happy wishes & dreams

~Happy Creating

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  1. Happy Birthday, and have a great camping trip...take the vodka with you, and you'll have a great time.

    lots of hugs and love.

  2. Have a Happy Birthday weekend lady! Thank you for your sweet words & the yummy pics! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you get to be the birthday queen all weekend!
    Mary Alice