Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And the winner is.......

Congratulations to Holly
The winner of a custom banner made by yours truly

here is what she said:
Hello ol' friend. How about Happy 40th! I love your blog and pics...especially when I am hungry. Does not do a body good :)

but ummmmm I am NOT turning 40 just yet....I have a whole year to go yet! lol

sorry about the late announcement.  I have been having all kinds of computer issues & it is totally messing me up!  but better late than never!! 
So be on the look out for a post about her banner coming soon!

~Happy Creating
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  1. Thank you Stacy! I would never give your age away...as far as my husbands that is another story:)

  2. I see now!!!!!! lol. well I will email you about all the details & find out when this 40th occassion will be going down!!