Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who's been eating my porridge?

A couple of weeks ago I took my boys down to Texas to visit my little brother & my sister in law.  We always have the best time when we are down there because my brother LOVES to play video games with the boys & because being away from home in a different atmosphere always makes things exciting.
My brother always makes us breakfast while we are there (thanks little brother!) but this particular morning was just slightly different~ My sister in law suggested that we use up the oranges before they go bad.  My little guy had that wild look in his eye because not only was he going to get his beloved OJ BUT he was going to get to squeeze it HIMSELF!!! No WAY!!!
So My Sister in law pulls out an electric version of an old timey juicer (pretty cool if you ask me~I really need to get one of those) & she set the little dude on his juicing adventure!
Amazing how something so everyday & organic can trigger happiness in someone :)
& here was his final product (now he understood why OJ glasses are so itty bitty) It took a WHOLE lot of oranges to make those two tiny glasses of OJ but so worth it!
I think he thought that was WAY better than peeling them!

so while the boys enjoyed their freshly squeezed OJ my sister in law decided to start on her breakfast~
I saw the cute little paper bag & thought Oh what do we have here, pancakes perhaps??
Of course I did giggle out loud & YES I made some off the wall comment about the 3 little bears but I was also very curious about this stuff since I only ever heard it in story time
& have never really seen it up close & personal.
as you can see below it looks like ground up corn.
She set her pot to boil & I waited patiently to see what the outcome was going to be.  I asked her what it tasted like & she said kind of like a cream of wheat. 
The directions look very easy...so easy in fact that anyone who burns a pot of water can do this!
She purchased her porridge from a little piece of serenity called Homestead Farm.  This place was really a treasure to see.  They call themselves a farm but really it is a self preserved community where the people there look happy & fulfilled.  They grow their own food, which they turn into grain in their old mill, they spin their own yarn to create amazing handmade wears, they have a pottery building, a wood working shop & an old iron building where they craft iron work the old way using anvils! They even have a small restaurant that uses what they grow there to produce amazing meals & sweets.
It truly was an awsome place to see, so if you are ever in that area please stop by & see how they live happy by doing what makes them happy.
Now back to breakfast. . . .while my sister in law was waiting for her porridge to soak up all that water, the rest of us feasted on egg sandwiches!  mmmm yummy!
Doesn't it look so good?  That onion roll there. . . that was fresh baked from Homestead Farms too
& it was truly wonderful
Look, there is my little brother being a mess with his breakfast!
He is as bad as the kids ha-ha!
but doesn't that make your mouth water??

Our egg sandwiches were very yummy BUT
I was still waiting to see what that porridge turned out to look like!!

drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . .

here it is! The stuff that Goldie Locks eats!
Seeing it with milk, sugar & some butter really made me wish I had her make some extra!!
Maybe I should have stole a bite just so I could hear her say. . . ."Who's been eating my PORRIDGE?"
Darn it.....maybe next time I will have her make it for me!

Next time you want to be adventurous for breakfast, try some PORRIDGE~

~Happy Creating

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