Monday, March 12, 2012

Ring Re-Do

Well I have to say, considering that this is the 1st Monday after the time change... I was pretty motivated today {must be the extended sunshine}.  Not only did I get dishes done, carpet vacuumed, dinner cooked, 2 loads of wash done after a long hard day at my 8 to 5 job....I was able to fix a ring for my close friend. As you can see below, it is missing a pearl.  
It took me a little bit to find something similar that was the right size
granted, this pearl is not white like it was before BUT I think the deep gray  brings out the black accent in the ring and it should match anything that she wants to wear.
 I had to modify the head pin because the end of it was a little bigger than what I wanted, so I took my flat head pliers and gave it a few good squeezes to shrink it up a bit, then I filed it down 
to take the rough edges off.
 the small pearl fits much better this way~no bulk on the end to distract from the pearl.
 Now, I'm not gonna took me 3 tries to get the technique down for twisting the wire around itself.  It was difficult because the tools were a little too big for such a small project so i had to keep adjusting {I was also afraid I was going to break the fitting that was attached to the ring..that would have been bad}
so I finally got the wire twisted onto itself in a manner I was happy with 
{getting it tight was the issue~I have stubby fingers}

I think the wrapping is a little bit longer than it was before but I don't think it's so long that it will be an issue.
I think it looks pretty good & I REALLY like the gray!
I think my friend will be happy with the result, she was bummed that the original pearl was missing.  You know how it is when you love something & you think you are going to have to give it up......well at least this way she doesn't have to do that.  It's something old but something new...the best of both worlds!  
Gotta love that! 

Happy Creating~

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  1. Thank you Stacy for taking time out of your busy day & fixing my ring, I love the gray pearl!