Monday, March 5, 2012

Partridge Family Floor no More

When we moved into this house 5 years ago
{my how time flies} we fell in love with our back sun-room.  It was a pretty big size space with lots of windows & a larger than life cathedral ceiling~what I did't like was the floor that looked like the long lost relative of  the Partridge Family bus .  I always knew it had to go, so in preparation for my sisters baby shower back in August, that floor got a face lift.

Because we had just gotten back from vacation & every extra cent I had went into making this the best baby shower ever~I took all kinds of leftover paint from my mothers basement to concoct what was going on the floor.  Risky, yes, BUT I am that kind of girl.  I figure if I hated it or it came out awful, I would just paint over it, I mean it's just paint after all.  That's me~ the risk taker :)
So after the daunting task of taking all the junk out of there & enlisting the men of the house to move the gigantic weight machine, I got down to business.  After getting midway through I was already excited.  The difference was seriously night & day.  I was also amazed that with all the different paints I used, that it covered that hideous floor in 1 coat {but I did 2 for good measure}

 After about 2 days worth of hard work, it was done & the light color floor {that I know some of you are thinking I have lost my mind over} looked amazing with the new beachy furniture I purchased to make my sun-room the spot I always knew it could be.  Of course I didn't take pictures of the room without all the baby shower decorations or in the setup that it usually is in, but that was before getting my blog up & running but you get picture~ Great looking floor now.

After over 6 months of kids, dogs & craft projects all over it, it has held up pretty well & I don't regret putting the Partridge Family floor to rest.  In fact I have made this MY ROOM ONLY & this is where I craft & blast music from time to time {because I love to sing at the top of my lungs} and this is where I host large gatherings.
This space has been transformed & it is a space that I don't have to try & hide from company anymore.  

                   ~happy creating


  1. What an amazing transformation-following you from TDC-stop by for a visit!

    1. Thanks Claire I really enjoy this room now! I did stop by through Bloglovin'.....Following you too!