Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pour some sugar on me

I made some sugar scrubs for my family at Christmas.....and I also made one for myself ~ I wanted to make these because I felt that they were so much better for your skin than the stuff you buy in the store with stuff in it you cant even pronounce.
I found these fun colored mason jars at my local drug store of all places & at $1.00 a piece it was an awesome deal,  perfect for storing the scrubs & they were also color coordinated to the scents I was making.

 I made my scrubs with plain white sugar (you could also use sea salt) olive oil, lemon & lime zest & I also tried extracts (the kind you cook with) in the one I made for myself.  I am sure some people will tell you NOT to use those but it is what I had on hand & I figure if you can eat it how on earth would it hurt you in the I tried it.

I poured sugar in a bowl & mixed in the olive oil until I got the consistency I wanted.  I used the zest of either the lemon & the lime & added it to the batch I was working on. Can I just tell you it smelled WONDERFUL ~ there is nothing like the smell of the zest of lemons & limes in my opinion.

I added the extracts to the other batches & those smelled wonderful as well.  I really loved the peppermint & I think it would be great as a foot scrub.  Something about the peppermint smell that is rejuvenating an there is no other spot on the body that needs it more than tired feet.  I mixed the cherry extract with a little almond extract & used that on myself.  It smelled good & the olive oil in the shower felt luxurious to me.

Since mid December I have been battling some kind of skin condition that has made me itch intensely & I also had huge hives.  I have been to the doctor 5 times & they think I may be allergic to something but they have no idea what.  I was so thankful that I made these scrubs because the olive oil moisturized my skin in a way that nothing else did & it lasted all day, something most lotions or body washes wont do.  The sugar also helped with the itching because that just felt good.

The scents you can make with natural essential oils & the zest of citrus are limitless.  I loves the homemade sugar scrubs because I felt like I gave myself a treat without harsh chemicals & fragrances.  I also love the way the skin absorbs the olive oil.  making the scrubs were a cinch so I highly recommend it. I did everything by the way it looked so I don't have a recipe but I know there are plenty out there so just look a few up & give it a try.

happy creating~


  1. yum, I could almost eat it!!! it does feel good on the feet though.

    thanks for mine!!!

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  4. Great idea & I love the pictures, thank you!

    1. Thanks Tami!!!! If you were going to do a scrub...what scent would make you the most happy?