Wednesday, March 14, 2012

from trash to treasure

Don't you just love brown & turquoise together? I know I do!!
& then throw in some silver & you definitely have a stellar combo~

some time ago, a friend of mine brought a necklace to me that was broken in several places & asked if I could do something with it.  Not only do I love to make pretty things but I also like a good challenge, so I accepted the project & started thinking of ways to change it up.
The piece she brought me was mostly pink with a few other colors & the chain was super long.
She wanted the chain shorter so I obliged 
(sorry I don't have pictures of it but this was WAY before my blogging days)
The necklace I made her was a success...she totally loved it!
But that left me with a length of chain that I could work on for fun.
So I started with a single brown & turquoise bead because I thought it was beautiful

 I sorted through all my beads to find the ones I thought matched perfectly~I was pleased with the results!
I was also excited to work on a design like this because this was my first necklace to have such symmetry & separation between the bead work.
 The chain that was used isn't the kind you can just add jump rings to & I don;t have a soldering gun.  So I had to think of a way to attach a clasp without soldering it... thinking...thinking...I got it~I will attempt to use crimp beads~it is definitely a calculated risk because crimp beads are tricky if you don't get them done tight enough.  And the last thing you want is everything falling apart at the worst moment.
But I crimped away & I tugged & yanked on that chain as hard as I could Many Many times & it held up!!! YAY.... total excitement....on to the fun part of getting the beads on the chain in just the right places!

 Once I got the necklace done I KNEW I had to make earrings to match! so back to the bead box to be sure I had enough beads & lucky for me. . . . I had JUST enough!

So from one broken down necklace that was almost trashed came a fixed necklace, a new necklace & some super cute earrings! AMAZING! 
Next time you have something that's SEEMS like it's on its last legs, just think one step beyond to what could be and you could create AMAZING too!

Happy creating~

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  1. I love brown and turquoise to, and your necklace with matching earrings are just stunning!
    Wish you a great weekend :)

  2. I love the colors! This is so creative...Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)