Saturday, March 3, 2012

From vacation to pancakes

I have been absent for just a bit but we went on vacation.....yes here, isn't it beautiful?

I sat under this palm tree in Cozumel Mexico all day ~ I L-O-V-E palm trees

It was our very 1st cruise ship experience.  While the vacation was nice, I don't know if I am a cruise ship kind of gal~ Of course I also caught the cooties that have been going around so I spent most of the vacation with a head cold & absolutely NO energy so I am sure that contributed to the experience!
So it has taken me THIS long to re-coop from vacation & sickness & the several other situations I had to battle when I got home 

So here is the 1st thing I have been able to consider a "creation" in about a month.
I know.....pancakes is not really a creation let alone an original idea BUT considering I am in my late 30's and this idea has not crossed my mind I tried something today that has NEVER occurred to me before.

I have made my fair share of pancakes (because I love breakfast for dinner ~ SORRY MOM (she HATES pancakes) & I have added blueberries before & this combo is really good but today I threw some almond extract in the pancake batter & I loved it.
I will tell you the almond flavor wasn't a standout, hit you in the face flavor ~ it was more of a subtle something that is there that makes your brain really struggle to figure out what it was tasting in there.  I also think the almond extract helped counter the tart that the blueberries have when they have been heated up.  So it was a win win for me because I don't really care for syrup & usually add it very sparingly to my pancakes.
So I really encourage you to PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD.  Try something different when you cook.... you never know, you might really like what you did.  

Happy Creating~

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