Monday, January 9, 2012

the things you can do with boxes & buckets

I have been MIA from my Blog BUT I was busy busy during the holiday season. I was more creative this holiday season than the last several put together!

I even customized some gift containers & boxes to specifically hold ornies that were made for my brother & sister in law & my sister & her husband.

And it was so much fun to do....especially since my youngest son was in on all the action.

I tried to take items that were headed to the trash or were just going to sit around here forever.

I used an old gift box from my Mary Kay Days & converted it to something worth keeping for quite sometime & I took a bubble gum tub & fancied it up in 2 ways to help store items for the holidays.

It amazes me what you can do with Mod Podge!!! It is my new best friend!

On the box I mod podged some cute Christmas wrapping paper on the bottom 1/2 & painted the top 1/2 with regular acrylic craft paint. I inserted ribbon on the sides to hold the top down

(& to make it look pretty)

On the 1st tub I mod podged the tub & placed Christmas wrapping paper around the tub & on the top lid. I then applied another layer of mod podge over the paper. I also added a flocked ribbon on the edge & a flocked "merry Christmas" cut out on the top

(but forgot to take a picture of it)



These were the cute beachy ornies packed inside for my sister in law. I made them with the sand & shells we found on our Family vacation In Navarre Florida

Next is the glitter bucket (I love how this turned out) especially since the bubble gum bucket has significance to my brother! he know s what I am talking about ;)

This was done by applying Mod Podge to the bucket & sprinkling the glitter on. once that seemed dry I added a layer of Mod Podge over the glitter very carefully!!!

Doesn't it look so pretty! and you surely wouldn't have to do this just for Christmas!

As you can see I added a ribbon with a small unbreakable light shaped ornament that I used as a gift tag~it makes it so festive & I have been doing this for years!

Here is what was locked away son made this & I think he did a great job! This too also had sand & shells from out beach trip. So double meaning, not only did he hand paint it but he used the mementos from the trip! I love that he is so crafty just like me!

This is a little bit of what I have been up to lately & I have more to come.

Hope you enjoyed ~ Happy Creating!


  1. I liked the glitter bucket, don't know why, I wanted to glitter everything after I saw it.

  2. Eric is a natural! Loved the little sand snow man!

  3. Thanks guys!!! Eric IS a natural...I L-O-V-E that about little artist!