Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 wreaths & a sled

Christmas may be over but I cant help sharing some of the goodies I made for our home

LAST Christmas (2010) The Mr. & I were grabbing some bagels at Panera Bread & I noticed a really cute wreath they had hanging up. It was right then that I decided I was going to make one for my mantle. I patiently waited until the after Christmas sale & got everything I needed at a super great price

I purchased a metal wreath frame & christmas picks, stems & a large plastic candy cane from Michaels & I got the ribbon from Sam's club.

making this wreath took about 2 hours because I attached ribbon loops with wire to the metal frame (my finger tips were a little sore after that) but it was so well worth it

I attached the floral picks & ornaments with wire as well.....I impressed myself because I did not use the glue gun for anything on this wreath.

There it is.....above the mantle on Christmas Eve. Looking at this every night made me so happy~just look at the pretty glow~ makes the heart warm & fuzzy


This coco colored glass ornament wreath was made with ornaments that I have saved year after year that were just taking up valuable storage space. I could never bare to part with them because the color is just so wonderful (especially on a tree with pearls). I haven't used these ornaments since I became a Mom & my kids handmade ornies became the highlight of my Christmas tree.

So this was the year I would make something with them to make them the star of their own show....so after seeing several wreaths like this on pinterest, I made my move.

I hot glued the tops to all of the balls & simply strung them on a wire coat hanger...that was it plain & simple. I used 60 in all & wished I had more. My original thought was that I would not use any ribbon BUT I had to make a bow to hide the fact that I didn't have enough to go all the way around. But all in all, I think it came out great & looked fabulous above my buffet where my faux chocolate Santa stands

This was also the year I displayed MY childhood sled~that sled brings back all kinds of fun snowy memories! Even my sister said Man I remember that sled, that just put a smile on my face. There is nothing more comforting than being able to look at something you know brings back such fun memories of childhood

all I did was attach a centerpiece greenery to the front & add a leftover piece of ribbon & some plastic candy canes that I got on sale last year at Target...That was it, easy peasy

There you have it, the pieces I have been planning on putting together for at least a year...I think it was well worth the wait

until next time...Happy Creating

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  1. and it's your sled!!!! I'll have to find the red snow boots...do you have them! make something really cool with them.