Sunday, March 31, 2013

Those cute lil' chick deviled eggs

OK..OK... so you know you have all seen those cute lil' chick deviled eggs on pinterest.  I thought they were so cute that I would give them a try.  I mean how hard could it be right?? 
Deviled eggs...easy {& mine taste pretty good too}
cute lil' chick faces... again easy right?? 
How hard can it be to add some bell pepper & olives right???
Here is when they looked really promising & I had really high hopes of making picture perfect 
little chick-a-dee eggs
You know what I mean...
HGTV worthy
{ha...yeah I am day dreaming}

moving on~
here is the finished product.....

A choir of dumb & dumber chicks that look as if they are Humpty Dumpty's hatched offspring!!
 Here.. lets add a bowl of olives to distract from the cross eyed lil' chicks
er-hem.....did that help??
Oh wait maybe that lil' guy on the bottom right.... he looks promising...
maybe we can eat him last! ha~ha 
here is a closer view.... 
 They look more like bratty lil' chicks sticking their tongues out rather than lil' chicks with beaks of perfection that I was hoping for.
Oh Well... I gave it the good ol' pinterest try &
While their faces didn't really make anyone want to say AWWW how adorable.....
Maybe they are just cute in their own way  {like each of us} 
either way...they were definitely cute enough to eat!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter full of family, friends & good food!

Happy Creating~

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  1. ha ha, this was funny, I didn't see any chicks to eat at dinner. Oh well.

  2. Aww....they look cute! U get an "A" for effort!

  3. fun post and really cute eggs...
    {more angelic than deviled :)}