Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jingle all the way!

It seems like things in the stores went straight from Halloween to Christmas in a heartbeat!

It always makes me feel bad for the Thanksgiving Holiday because it gets treated like the kid in school who always ate the paste!

While my home is still decorated for fall & there is much discussion on the big turkey dinner, I decided I would get a jump on some Christmas projects I wanted to try.

(Thank you Pinterest)

I have several projects in the works but this particular project was so cute & so fast to get done I thought I would share it right away.

I saw this on Pinterest & remembered it but never did pin it to my board so I have no idea where it originated from but I am glad I saw it because it has awakened my thought process for the endless possibilities!Here was my take on the Jingle Bells Shadow Box. You will have to check back to see some of the other boxes I have come up with.

I started by finding a super deal at Michael's on some shadowboxes, then I found a cute piece of Christmas scrapbook paper I already had & glued it to the front of the frame back (I know you have to think about that for a minute right?) but I am not sure how else to describe it so we are going to roll with that!

Then I glued my sparkle chipboard letters to the front of the glass with my dazzle tack glue

I did it on the outside because I didnt want the glue to be seen if i glues it from under the glass. I also think the added dimention is nice.

The I placed a package of silver bells inside the shadowbox frame to roll around freely & affixed the backing in place.
It looked really fun & cute just as it was BUT I felt like it needed that little something extra so I added a bow
and there you have it!!! a cute project that took less than 15 minutes. I was so excited about it that I was actually giddy & for a split second thought, we could just skip Thanksgiving & go straight to putting up the Christmas tree....NAH just kidding, we cant pass on Thanksgiving TURKEY & pumpkin pie!
This project cost me less than $10.00 & it makes such a cute gift

or something to deck your own halls with!

Until next time. . . . .Happy Creating!


  1. cute!! i believe i like it w/o the bow better.

  2. Thanks Leasa.... I guess I am just a bow kinda girl! lol

  3. now can I use a couple of those bells?