Sunday, January 6, 2013

An "E"mazing Character of Epic Proportion

This is my silly boy 
 He is a character of EPIC proportion!
His personality is bigger than life......
so I thought why not give him a BIG "E" to represent that
{not to mention his name does start with E after all}
I found this gem at a local market for a really awesome price.
I was so excited to have it for him because the color was right..
Bold just like he is.
Now I could have brought it home & just stuck it on the wall but what fun would that be?? 
I decided I was going to string lights in it & make it the most awesome focal point of his room.
I got pretty lucky with this HUGE letter because it still had the posts on the back of it from wherever in this great world it was at.

 So really this was one of the easiest projects I have ever done because
 I didn't have to repaint it & all I did was wrap some clear lights around the posts on the back of it.
The only thing I DON'T like is that dang cord!! 
If you know me at all ... you know I HATE cords 
but I will figure out a way to hide that..... 
I will let you know when the creativity sets in on that one 

 Here is is all lit up ......
Just like my little guy's sense of humor

and the best part is that it is a piece that will transition from 
a kids room to a 
tween room to a 
full on I can't be anywhere near my parents room & 
hopefully into his later years.....
So here is to the EPIC "E"

Happy Creating~
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  1. Perfect night light!!!

  2. I guess I should have said it was me, Kimi!
    (I don't have a super cool blog acct!)